Letter to the Editor

I submitted the following letter to the Vermilion Voice, The Edmonton Journal, and the Calgary Herald. To my knowledge, my letter has not been published in any of these newspapers. I have written twice in the same vain to the Alberta Premier, my MLA, and the Alberta Health Minister. The replies that I have received from my MLA indicate to me that they are monitoring the voter view and continue with the restrictions to satisfy the most voters. There could be other more sinister reasons, but I don’t know if that is the case. Here is my letter:

There is no scientific evidence that we are in a pandemic or that the mitigation procedures to limit the spread of the so called Covid-19 virus are effective. I am not aware of anyone who claims to have isolated Covid-19 or mapped its genome. The PCR test detects a piece of DNA from a corona virus of which there are many. Public health officials talk about cases, hospitalizations, and deaths, but give no perspective on how it compares to previous years. Reported deaths in Alberta from so called Covid-19 in 2020 were about 0.04 percent of the population. More that 99% of those who contract the so called Covid-19 virus recover. How can this be regarded as a pandemic.

Masks do not prevent the spread of viruses. Denis Rancourt has prepared a report explaining the physics involved with masks and references seven randomized, controlled trial studies which all verified that masks are ineffective in stopping viral infections. https://vaccinechoicecanada.com/wp-content/uploads/masks-dont-work-denis-rancourt-april-2020.pdf

There are no randomized, controlled trials showing that two meter social distancing can limit the spread of viral infections. There is no reason to expect that exhaled viruses will stick with a person and move around with them. Physics does tell us that particles of the air move around at anywhere from 300 to 500 meters per second. If someone is sick, the only thing that would make sense is to stay home.

Comparisons of jurisdictions with lock downs to jurisdictions without lock downs show no difference in viral infection rates. What they do show is differences in things like the economy, suicides, drug use, abuse, and lack of medical care.

There is no pandemic and the mitigation procedures that violate our liberty are of no effect. If anyone can present scientific evidence to the contrary, I would be interested hear about it.

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