We are not a registered party at this time, but are working towards registration.  Libertarians stand for individual responsibility and liberty which fosters individual initiative and self respect.  An elected libertarian party would work to move away from the typical tax and regulate method of government to government that protects the person and property of individuals. Government monopoly industries would be returned to the private sector.


  1. Matt Hovey says:

    I am possibly interested in helping you guys out with your message and getting off the ground. I am an electrician so I dont have a big political background or anything but I do have similar beliefs and know enough people to get some word around in the westlock athabasca areas. I know these are rural riding but folks out here are getting tired of being stepped on and made to feel like their concerns dont matter. Anyways I just thought I’d come forward and introduce myself to some like minded people out there. Best regards,

    • admin says:

      Sorry for being so late to reply. I am somewhat discouraged about getting an Alberta Libertarian party going. I wonder if previous attempts were purposely sabotaged by people posing as libertarians. We probably need a small core group of dedicated people with the time and energy to set it up and then invite people to join.

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